Because, we believe every child has the right to an education

Wars, disease and famine worldwide denies millions of children an education. Even where these tragedies do not exist, poverty ultimately robs children of the chance of being able to go to school.

Basics of education are paper and pencil, but often schools do not have the finances to buy such items, relying on the children’s families to contribute. The harsh reality is that however important it is to the families that their children enter education, the poorest, living at subsistence level, cannot afford food and clothing, let alone school materials.

An education is their passport to a better life.

Literacy in a Box tries to make a difference and in our trips to Zambia in 2013 and 2018 we have found that in schools that have received our Literacy Boxes, it is the orphans and very poor children that have benefited most. These resources have allowed them to enter school in the first place.

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