Who Are We?

In the UK, many people take for granted school supplies, which include pens, pencils, paper, chalks and rulers among many others. However, for most Zambian children, the lack of them is due to the inability of their parents to pay for them and is significant in the failure of many to have a full education. The Trust therefore decided that its first priority must be to focus on school supplies in its School Aid 4 Zambia programme.

Knowing now what we could do to help, we had to consider how to achieve it but looked no further than Shelter Box for inspiration. If this box could transport relief items for communities in the wake of a disaster, surely a similar box could be used to transport school supplies to Zambia. The people at Shelter Box were very helpful and as a result of discussions with them we were given a couple of boxes for the pilot project – Literacy in a Box had begun.

Literacy in a Box is supported by many Rotary and Inner Wheel Clubs and schools across the UK. Schools are adopting the Literacy in a Box Trust, not only as a charity in its own right, but also as a catalyst to help deliver the curriculum in Global Citizenship and Understanding an Overseas Culture and we are receiving a lot of support from RotaKids and Interact Clubs.




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