What’s in a Box?

The contents of the literacy box were created through the feedback from teachers …

This has resulted in the creation of our Junior Literacy Box, suitable for primary children. The contents will give 25 children the resources they need to learn and to exercise.

From the outset it was decided that we would send materials equivalent to those our own children had the pleasure of using, so we used our local school supplier to source the items. Basic items are exercise books and writing utensils. The feedback on these items from Zambian teachers has proved us right. They said, ‘Please do continue to send what you do, as our pupils can write on your paper without it ripping and sharpen their pencils without them breaking’.

A Literacy Box contains exercise books, writing utensils, chalks and other stationery items, a pencil case and backpack, along with footballs, a pump and needles and skipping ropes for exercise.

Currently it costs £395 to create and send a box to Zambia.

For only £395 the typical contents are:-

1 pack of 25 Exercise Books ( Green )
1 pack of 25 Exercise Books ( Blue )
1 pack of 25 Exercise Books ( Red )
1 pack of 25 Exercise Books ( Yellow )
1 box of 50 Blue Pens
7 packs of 12 Pencil plus Eraser
25 packs of 12 assorted Coloured Pencils
1 pack of Pencil sharpeners
1 pack of erasers
25 Rulers
25 Pencil cases
2 boxes of 100 White Chalk
1 box of 100 Coloured Chalk
2 Leather Footballs
2 Mini leather Footballs
1 pump with extra needles
2 Skipping ropes
25 Backpacks

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