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A Literacy Box raising a smile. We get a lot of feedback concerning the reception and use of the boxes and you will be pleased to know that working with one of our partner organisations Raise a Smile enables Literacy Boxes to be distributed to schools in and around the remote area of Mfuwe, the centre of the game reserve area of the Eastern Province of Zambia.

Jenny, a local game lodge owner and local volunteer for the charity Raise a Smile, runs reading programmes in three local schools and has helped each school set up a library with books supplied by one of our logistics partners, National Police Aid Convoys (NPAC). Classes in these schools are over 100, but when Jenny takes out half a class for reading exercises, she leaves the class with a better teacher pupil ratio for the remainder of its lesson time – a win for all.

Having seen her reading programmes first hand last September and spoken with the headteachers in these schools whilst there, we felt we would like to support ‘her’ schools, so we sent Literacy Boxes to Mfuwe, Kukumbi, Uyoba and Chiutika and Jenny kindly ensured they all ended up in the right locations.

It is once again thanks to you our donors and supporters that help us with the success of these initiatives and as you can see from the smiles it is all very much worth it.

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