The Trust is truly humbled that many schools have Googled our website and off their own back, used our School Video as a resource to help teach pupils about the educational situation in Africa …

Many have then used innovative ways to raise money to fund Literacy Boxes to help the Zambian children. (Zambia is where most of our work is concentrated)

One project involving the Rotary Club of Roborough and a local school called Hyde Park Infant School Plymouth, demonstrates the benefits of a three-way partnership of Rotary, school and Literacy in a Box [LIAB]. This school project took place over an academic year during which pupils learned about Africa and culminated with a Walk4Hope and raised enough funds for three Literacy Boxes. A tremendous outcome for all involved.

Schools have two areas within their curriculum with which Rotary and LIAB link, ‘Global Citizenship’ and ‘Overseas Cultures’. – ‘Global Citizenship’ is demonstrated by the creation and running of a RotaKids club in a Primary school and an Interact club in Secondary school. Literacy Boxes can be chosen as the overseas charity for either club as part of their supporting overseas peoples, highlighting ‘Overseas Cultures’.

For the more general teaching of ‘overseas cultures’ the LIAB School Video is often used as a resource to develop many lessons on ‘Africa’. Several schools take the learning experience further by asking LIAB to talk with the pupils about their ‘red and blue box’ prior to them fundraising for Literacy Boxes. The opportunity for publicity for all within these partnerships is huge.

The Literacy Boxes funded by a school can be identified and labelled as from the donor school and the school given the destination of their box. Letters from pupils can be included and photo feedback on their boxes’ arrival with pupils is always available.

The whole experience of children in the UK fundraising to help their ‘chums’ overseas offers a whole new perspective of our youth and it is a very heart-warming experience.

So, come on Mums and Dads, Grandmas and Grandads, get involved and Current Brochure March 2020, show it to your local schools and  join in the fun to help our Zambian children.

Everyone wins when Rotary works with a school and uses LIAB as a catalyst.

Let’s just hope that COVID restriction allow this partnership to flourish once more.

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