Literacy in a Box was created by Forbes Watson of the Rotary Club of Roborough, Plymouth as the result of personal experiences in sub-Saharan Africa. He saw the need, had a vision and now it is an autonomous Registered Charity that retains its link with the Rotary Club of Roborough through three of the Trustees.
The whole family of Rotary – Rotary Clubs, Rotaract, Interact and RotaKids, along with a ‘sister’ organisation within the UK, the National Association of Inner Wheel Clubs, have given brilliant financial support over the years.
A number of Rotary Clubs across the UK have developed a relationship with local schools inspiring them to help with Literacy in a Box programmes. Special relationships have developed as the programmes that Rotary offers to schools can help enhance their curriculum, at the same time the associated local Rotary Club has the satisfaction of offering service within their local community.
Please view the SCHOOLS tab to see information on the mutual benefits derived from a Rotary Club, School and LIAB partnership that benefits all, especially children overseas.


Sadly, COVID has affected our fundraising drastically, and we have seen donations dwindle to almost nothing over the last few months. Even though restrictions are easing, we have continued to communicate through Zoom meetings. Support has fallen dramatically is not forthcoming because clubs and organisations are finding their volunteering and fundraising quite a challenge during COVID-19 restrictions.  
No money coming in means no Literacy Boxes can be sent out and although we are not alone within the charity sector we really feel so sad we cannot continue to help our children for the time being!
If you want to hear about our work, with a view to donating,  please do email us at: to arrange a Zoom presentation to your club / district

Visit our Facebook page and Newsletters, which contains many reports about what schools are doing for us around the country.
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