Key Contact Details

Postal address: LitBox, PO BOX243 Plymouth, PL6 6WU

Telephone numbers: (+44) 01752 784540 ( office ) (+44) 07981 148089 ( mobile )

Email contacts: You can contact the Trust on and one of its members will respond. If you experience any problems with this web site, please email the webmaster.

Useful links:

These links are provided for your convenience and interest.  Please note that the Literacy in a Box Trust take no responsibility for anything you may come across as a result of following these links.

Rotary Club of Roborough, Plymouth where Literacy in a Box was created and is still our partner.

Rotary District 1175 the Rotary District in which the Roborough club is situated.

Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland

Goodwill and Growth for Africa

Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust

Project Luangwa

The Wye Valley Zambia Project

Operation Sunshine

National Police Aid Convoys

The National Association of Inner Wheel Clubs GB and I

Links to resources:


Our Current Brochure – in PDF format.


Information Video

Short information

School Video

Enniskillen and Antipolo Rotary and Literacy in a Box

Thank you Jedidiah, Lusaka

My Story by Jedidiah, Lusaka

PowerPoint Presentations:

Should you wish to present to a group about Literacy in a Box and want a few slides to do this please contact us at and we can help you put together an illustrated talk with notes.