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Very few charitable organisations can exist without some form of revenue stream. We are very grateful that since our formation in 2005, we have been able to support the education of many children in Zambia, through Literacy Boxes funded by public donations.

We are a charity of volunteers, united by a desire to help the Zambian children acquire an education. We work with many partners who help us send Literacy Boxes and then distribute them in country. We continue to be associated with schoolchildren in the UK who are passionate about helping their overseas colleagues have an education.

If you feel you would like to help us support the education of the Zambian orphans and children who struggle to enter education, you can do this simply through a donation. There is also the option of becoming involved personally or as an organisation.

Please refer to the website section ’HOW YOU CAN BECOME INVOLVED’ for more information and contact details. If you have any query regarding funding support or becoming involved personally or as an organisation, please contact us through

Lots of people and quite a few organisations have donated or even found innovative and exciting ways to raise funds on our behalf.

Our aim is to send Literacy Boxes on a regular basis so that the childrens’ education can continue uninterrupted. We would love to have dedicated donor companies and/or individuals who pledge to support the sending of regular numbers of boxes each year. If you are able to do this please contact us on

Therefore, we reach out to you to help us with funds and donations small or large to enable us to pursue our work without interruption. If you feel you would like to help in this way please click the donation button – we and the children we help will be delighted with whatever donation you can make.
Thank you

If you are a UK taxpayer you can help us further by completing the Gift Aid form making us eligible for a 25% increase to your donation at no extra cost to you. >LitBox-Gift-Aid-form< to download the form and email it to us after completion.

Visit our Facebook page and Newsletters, which contains many reports about what schools are doing for us around the country.
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